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A doctor and an electronics engineer decide to become diplomats and spend thirty years travelling around the world...

A better life offers better opportunities...

As a married couple, with one of us trained in the medical field and the other in engineering, we have lived in different continents such as Europe, Asia, America and Africa for professional reasons. Dadurch war es uns möglich, die unterschiedlichsten Nationalitäten und deren vielseitige Kulturen und Gebräuche hautnah mitzuerleben und ein Teil dieser faszinierenden und inspirierenden Gesellschaften zu werden.

Schließlich haben wir uns entschieden, ein neues Kapitel in unserem Leben aufzuschlagen und gründeten 2020 Fulmarix.

Es ist uns ein Anliegen, die geltenden Qualitätsstandards in der Textilerzeugung mit unseren Produkten nicht bloß zu erfüllen, sondern diese permanent weiterzuentwickeln. Die dazugehörende Verwendung von umweltfreundlichen Materialien ist eine Selbstverständlichkeit für uns und entspricht den Grundwerten unserer Firma. Dabei richten wir unseren Fokus nicht nur auf die Menschen, sondern auch auf deren vierbeinige Freunde.

In Anbetracht all dessen haben wir uns dazu entschlossen, mit Hilfe von „Buldan’s“ und „Ipeker Home“, unser Heim-, Bade- und Strandtextilien-Portfolio auf dem österreichischen Markt anzubieten. Diese Produkte sollen nicht nur unseren eigenen Erwartungen entsprechen, sondern auch die Bedürfnisse unserer zukünftigen Kundinnen und Kunden abdecken.

We present to you Fulmarix!

We thought about how this exciting journey should begin.
The first thing we did was get out of the bed we slept in every night. After a refreshing shower, we wrapped ourselves in our soft bathrobes. We dried our hands on towels. Because we were planning to go to the pool, we took our lovely pareos and beach towels with us. We also didn't want to leave our handy and easy to carry hammam towels behind. It was at this moment that we realised that there are many different textiles that we simply want to incorporate into our daily lives. The special thing about these materials is that they are all stylish, beautiful, soft and, above all, healthy.

Nevertheless, these standards were not enough for us.

Towels, bed linen and hammam towels, no matter how high their quality, must also be in harmony with people and nature. Therefore, our top priority was to ensure that our business partners accepted not to employ minors and not to allow any kind of discrimination based on origin, language, religion or sexuality, in line with business ethics and human rights.

In terms of equal opportunities, we also wanted to work with companies that promote women in the workplace and give them opportunities for further development.

Another important decision criterion was that these organisations used organic and recyclable materials in their production.

That was still not enough for us!

We went one step further and introduced vegan pillows, quilts and duvets to our range.

This is how "Buldan's" and "Ipeker Home" came into our everyday lives. We fell in love with their products and work ethic, so we decided to offer the best together in Austria.

Stay here, we have a lot more to offer...

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