IKIKIZ is a Turkish sustainable resort wear brand that designs effortlessly timeless looks for conscious-minded women.

IKIKIZ tells their story as follows:

“Our story began in the Aegean Region, one of the places where nature is most generous to humanity 

This journey we started by admiring the simplicity of nature; reflecting our passion to our products and our excitement on the first day while producing, it enables us to reach all over the world since 2012.

We, as IKIKIZ, are against the products that are part of the common bodily standards and the individual utopias created. We know that we have responsibilities towards nature, we believe that each body is unique like all parts of nature. That is why we strive for everyone to embrace their ‘uniqueness’, accept themselves as they are and believe imperfect is the new perfect.

‘We support and love your existence. Always be yourself. Everywhere and in every way’ You will find products like yourself rather than trendy ones in IKIKIZ. Simple, unhurried and keeping its word against nature… Because we produce by focusing on designing the timeless for everyone and the fabrics we use are produced from natural fibres that mother nature has gifted us.

 ‘We know that protecting nature means protecting ourselves.’

Therefore, our biggest inspiration is to establish our main philosophy by adopting the sustainability movement, ethical and slow fashion understanding.”

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