WAtt is upcycling?

Gone are the days when clothes could only be upcycled through DIY projects at home.

Upcycling is fast becoming a creative and sustainable answer to the fashion industry's growing waste crisis.

Upcycling is the transformation of worn-out textiles that consumers no longer wear or fashion company waste into new garments.

By upcycling and reusing garments and waste that would otherwise end up in landfill, upcycling promotes the idea of circular fashion.

This idea can give consumers, who are used to throwing clothes away after a few wears, a new sense of appreciation and prevent the disposal of leftovers through incineration. Ultimately, waste can be reduced and a contribution made to the global climate.

WAtt is on its way to becoming an upcycling fashion brand that transforms leftover sofa fabrics or old clothes into brand new, unique garments by combining them in color harmony.

Ms. Lina Ipek designs one beautiful jacket after another so that WAtt users can wear unique creations. She is so enthusiastic about her creations that she offers every guarantee for WAtt. If you own one of these pieces, you know that your jackets are protected against all kinds of problems.

We are sure you have many jackets at home, but WAtt is no ordinary jacket, it may be the only one you will ever own that gives you freedom and that you can pass on to your children.

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